Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science

Atmospheric physics lab work

Instructor: James Atkinson

Please follow this link for the course information retrieved from the ETH semester programme.

Important news:

There will be an info meeting for this semesters (Spring 2014) course in in the first week of the semester. Please register as soon as possible to be on the email distribution list for this course.

The date for the introduction is as follows:

Week commencing 16/02/15, exact date and time to be confirmed

Important: Experiment dates can be arranged with the assistants and are not fixed to special dates/times.

The course consists of several experiments that target different aspects of atmospheric physics and measurement techniques. There are currently five experiments out of which four have to be carried out by the students.
Students are generally assigned to groups of 2 persons.

For each experiment, descriptions are available as pdf documents. The students are required to study these descriptions carefully prior to carrying out the experiment. At the day of the experiment, a short examination (15-20 min) will be taken by the assistent before the practical work to ensure that the students are prepared and know what they are doing. Assistents are allowed to reject students which are not prepared.

The experiments are then carried out mostly autonomous with instructions and advice by the tutors if necessary. Results are then analyzed and discussed in a written report which should have roughly 10 pages and should include the following items:

Deadline for handing in the reports is two weeks after the experiment was carried out!


The following table lists the available experiments, their tutors and a link to the documentation:

  Experiment Document Assistent 1 Assistent 2
Psychrometry and wind chill
Alexander Beck
Vincent Humphrey
2. Sun photometry sun_photometry





Claudio Saffioti Remo Dietlicher
Ice nucleation cloud chamber Clemens Schwingshackl
Simone Brunamonti
Aerosols (aerosol particle measurments) DMPS


TSI 3010 manual

Larissa Lacher Remo Dietlicher
Atmospheric dynamics - rotating tank experiments
rotating tank
Dominik Büeler
Claudio Saffioti

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