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Doctoral studies (PhD) are the most important advanced education studies at the ETH. Holders of a Master of Science or equivalent degree have the opportunity to work on a dissertation with the aim of achieving a Doctor of Sciences (Dr. sc. ETH Zurich).

For doctoral studies a Master of Sciene or equivalent degree is required. The studies last 3 years, are fully funded and there is no specific annual intake.

Our doctoral studies follow the rules given by ETH and the department of environmental sciences. Please follow the guidelines given by our department and by ETH.

Open PhD positions are advertised on the open positions page.

You can also have a look at the Survival Guide issued by the AVETH (Association of Scientific Staff at ETH Zürich).

Regulations for doctoral studies at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science (IAC ETH)

Workshop discussion: Teaching and learning in Africa; Guest: Heini Wernli, Professor of Atmospheric Dynamics ETH Zurich
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