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Review of the global models used within the Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative (CCMI).
Olaf Morgenstern, Michaela I. Hegglin, Eugene Rozanov, Fiona M. O'Connor, Luke N. Abraham, Hideharu Akiyoshi, Alexander T. Archibald, Slimane Bekki, Neal Butchart, Martyn P. Chipperfield., Makoto Deushi, Sandip S. Dhomse, Rolando R. Garcia, Steven C. Hardiman, Larry W. Horowitz, Patrick Jöckel, Beatrice Josse, Douglas Kinnison, Meiyun Lin, Eva Mancini, Michael E. Manyin, Marion Marchand, Virginie Marécal, Martine Michou, Luke D. Oman, Gianni Pitari, David A. Plummer, Laura E. Revell, David Saint-Martin, Robyn Schofield, Andrea Stenke, Kane Stone, Kengo Sudo, Taichu Y. Tanaka, Simone Tilmes, Yousuke Yamashita, Kohei Yoshida, and Guang Zeng
Geoscientific Model Development Discussions, (2017) Göttingen: Copernicus.
Foreword: Special issue on “Effects of the solar wind and interplanetary disturbances on the Earth's atmosphere and climate”.
Eugene Rozanov, Katya Georgieva, Irina Mironova, Brian Tinsley, and A. Aylward
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, (2016) Oxford: Elsevier.
The role of methane in projections of 21st century stratospheric water vapour.
Laura E. Revell, Andrea Stenke, Evgueni Rozanov, William Ball, Stefan Lossow, and Thomas Peter
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, (2016) Göttingen: Copernicus.
Ice nucleation efficiency of natural dust samples in the immersion mode.
Lukas Kaufmann, Claudia Marcolli, Julian Hofer, Valeria Pinti, Christopher R. Hoyle, and Thomas Peter
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, (2016) Göttingen: European Geophysical Society.
Evidence of horizontal and vertical transport of water in the Southern Hemisphere tropical tropopause layer (TTL) from high-resolution balloon observations.
Sergey M. Khaykin, Jean-Pierre Pommereau, Emmanuel D. Rivière, Gerhard Held, Felix Plöger, Melanie Ghysels, Nadir Amarouche, Jean-Paul Vernier, Frank G. Wienhold, and Dmitry Ionov
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, (2016) Göttingen: Copernicus.
In situ and space-based observations of the Kelud volcanic plume: The persistence of ash in the lower stratosphere.
Jean-Paul Vernier, T. Duncan Fairlie, Terry Deshler, Murali Natarajan, Travis Knepp, Katie Foster, Frank G. Weinhold, Kristopher M. Bedka, Larry Thomason, and Charles Trepte
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, (2016) Washington, DC: American Geophysical Union.
Evaluation of the inter-annual variability of stratospheric chemical composition in chemistry-climate models using ground-based multi species time series.
Virginie Poulain, Slimane Bekki, Marion Marchand, Martyn P. Chipperfield, Myriam Khodri, Franck Lefèvre, Sandip S. Dhomse, Greg E. Bodeker, Ralf Toumi, Martine D. de Mazière, Jean-Pierre Pommereau, Andrea F. Pazmino, Florence Goutail, David A. Plummer, Eugene V. Rozanov, Eva Mancini, Hideharu Akiyoshi, Jean-François Lamarque, and John V. Austin
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, (2016) Oxford: Elsevier.
Observations and implications of liquid-liquid phase separation at high relative humidities in secondary organic material produced by α-pinene ozonolysis without inorganic salts.
Lindsay Renbaum-Wolff, Mijung Song, Claudia Marcolli, Yue Zhang, Pengfei F. Liu, James W. Grayson, Franz M. Geiger, Scot T. Martin, and Allan K. Bertram
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics : ACP, (2016) Goettingen: Copernicus GmbH.
Climatological and radiative properties of midlatitude cirrus clouds derived by automatic evaluation of lidar measurements.
Erika Kienast-Sjögren, Christian Rolf, Patric Seifert, Ulrich K. Krieger, Beiping Luo, Martina Krämer, and Thomas Peter
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, (2016) Goettingen: European Geophysical Society.
Stratospheric aerosol-Observations, processes, and impact on climate.
Stefanie Kremser, Larry W. Thomason, Marc von Hobe, Markus Hermann, Terry Deshler, Claudia Timmreck, Matthew Toohey, Andrea Stenke, Joshua P. Schwarz, Ralf Weigel, Stephan Fueglistaler, Fred J. Prata, Jean-Paul Vernier, Hans Schlager, John E. Barnes, Juan-Carlos Antuña-Marrero, Duncan Fairlie, Mathias Palm, Emmanuel Mahieu, Justus Notholt, Markus Rex, Christine Bingen, Filip Vanhellemont, Adam Bourassa, John M.C. Plane, Daniel Klocke, Simon A. Carn, Lieven Clarisse, Thomas Trickl, Ryan Neely, Alexander D. James, Landon Rieger, James C. Wilson, and Brian Meland
Reviews of Geophysics, (2016) Washington, DC: American Geophysical Union.
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