Atmospheric Dynamics (Wernli)

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The chaotic and complex atmospheric flow can lead to the development of high-impact weather systems, e.g., cyclones and fronts that produce heavy rain or snow. The evolution of these systems is governed by dry and moist dynamical processes and accompanied by coherent flow patterns. Research is conducted to better understand the genesis, structure and interaction of these systems, and to improve our predictive capabilities. This involves dynamically based diagnostic analyses of atmospheric data sets, prognostic simulations with numerical models of varying complexity, and a detailed observation and model-based investigation of stable water isotopes in atmospheric waters.

Members of the atmospheric dynamics group. First row left to right: Christina Klasa, Anne Kunz, Jacopo Riboldi, Maxi Böttcher, Shira Raveh, Dominik Büeler, Bas Crezee, Michael Sprenger, Harald Sodemann, Stephan Pfahl, Lukas Papritz and Heini Wernli. Second row left to right: Alex Läderach, Pascal Graf, Hanin Binder, Marina Dütsch, Hanna Joos, Remo Beerli, Christian Grams and Nicolas Piaget
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