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Prof. Ulrike Lohmann's new book An Introduction to Clouds is available now!

An Introduction to Clouds provides a fundamental understanding of clouds, ranging from cloud microphysics to the large-scale impacts of clouds on climate. For more information visit the publisher's webpage.

Professor Lohmann's group focuses on the formation and evolution of clouds with a special interest on their impact on climate. This is done by modelling as well as lab and field experiments. Therefore the group may be divided in two main parts: The modellers and the experimentalists.

A series of interviews and documentaries exists that explain the goals of our research. They can be found on our media page.

Group Retreat 2016  
Atmospheric Physics group 2016: (From left to right)
Blaž Gasparini, Saskia Drossaart van Dusseldorp, Olga Henneberg, Eric Sulmoni, Amweu Mensah, Katty Huang, Yvonne Boose, Remo Dietlicher, Zamin Kanji, Ulrike Lohmann, Tanja Stanelle, David Neubauer, Anina Gilgen, James Atkinson, Fabian Mahrt, Alexander Beck, Mikhail Paramonov, Larissa Lacher, Claudia Marcolli, Monika Feldmann, Nathalie Caloz, Steffen Münch, Jan Henneberger.
Front: Robert David, Tobias Oberholzer, Gesa Eirund, Fabiola Ramelli, Monika Burkert, Prem Lobo, Franz Friebel.
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