Climate and Water Cycle (Schär)

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The main objective of Prof. Christoph Schär's group is to improve the understanding of the climate system and its interactions with the water cycle on time-scales from one day to 100 years. Our mission is to better understand the underlying mechanisms, trends, variations and extremes; and to improve the predictive capabilities and exploitation of weather and climate models.  

The Climate and Watercycle Group
From left to right: Christoph Schär, Hanieh Hassanzadeh, Nikolina Ban, Martin Ivanov, Michael Keller, Nico Kröner, Linda Schlemmer, Tanja Dallafior, Rahel Buri, Doris Folini, David Leutwyler, Adel Imamovic, Jan Rajczak, Maria Hakuba, Daniel Lüthi, Martin Wild, Davide Panosetti, Guest (Stefanos Mystakidis) and Blanka Bartok.
Missing on picture: Guido Müller, Matthias Schwarz, Silje Soerland, Curdin Spirig, Hans-Heini Vogel, Yawen Wang, and Christian Zeman.
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