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Regional Climate Modeling  
Research fields of the Climate and Water Cycle group

Our research is primarily based on numerical models and data analysis. The group contributes to and uses a hierarchy of models, among these state-of-the-art global and regional climate models (ECHAM5-HAM at resolutions between 280 km and 120 km, COSMO-CLM at resolutions between 50 km and 100 m), as well as a hydrological model (PREVAH). In addition, the group has expertise in statistical data analysis and has contributed to the compilation of climate data sets.

Current projects address the role of the water cycle in a changing climate, considering a time span from the recent past to the near-term future. Particular consideration is given to changes in radiation (global dimming and brightening), the European summer climate (hydrological cycle and interannual variability), extreme events (process studies and scenarios of droughts, heat waves, heavy precipitation events, floods), and the role of topography for the water cycle.

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