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  1. Anet, J., E. Rozanov, S. Muthers, T. Peter, S. Bronnimann, F. Arfeuille, J. Beer, A. I. Shapiro, C. Raible, F. Steinhilber and W. Schmutz [2013]
    Impact of a potential 21st century “grand solar minimum” on surface temperatures and stratospheric ozone
    Geophys. Res. Lett. ; 40 ; 4420-4425 ; AGU
  2. Anet, J., S. Muthers, E. Rozanov, C. Raible, A. Stenke, S. Shapiro, F.Brönnimann, Arfeuille, Y. Brugnara, J. Beer, F. Steinhilber, W. Schmutz and T. Peter [2013]
    Impact of solar vs. volcanic activity variations on tropospheric temperatures and precipitation during the Dalton Minimum
    Climate of the Past, Discussion ; 2013 ; 6179-6220 ; EGU
  3. Anet, J., S. Muthers, E. Rozanov, C. Raible, T. Peter, A. I. Stenke A., Shapiro, J. Beer, F. Steinhilber, S. Bronnimann, F. Arfeuille,. Brugnara Y. and W. Schmutz [2013]
    Forcing of stratospheric chemistry and dynamics during the Dalton Minimum
    Atmos. Chem. Phys. ; 13 ; 10951–10967 ; EGU
  4. Arfeuille, F., B. Luo, P. Heckendorn, D. Weisenstein, J. Sheng, E. Rozanov, M. Schraner and S. Brönnimann, L. Thomason and T. Peter [2013]
    Modeling the stratospheric warming following Mt. Pinatubo eruption: uncertainties in aerosol extinctions
    Atmos. Chem. Phys. ; 13
  5. Arfeuille, F., D. Weisenstein, H. Mack, E. Rozanov, T. Peter and S. Brönnimann [2013]
    Volcanic forcing for climate modeling: a new microphysics-based dataset covering years 1600–present
    Climate of the Past, Discussion ; 9 ; 967-1012 ; EGU
  6. Auchmann, R., F. Arfeuille, J. Wegmann, J. Franke, M. Barriendos, M. Prohom, A. Sanchez-Lorenzo, J. Bhend, M. Wild, D. Folini, P. Stepanek and S. Brönnimann [2013]
    Impact of volcanic stratospheric aerosols on diurnal temperature range (DTR) in Europe over the past 200 years: Observations versus model simulations,
    J. Geophys. Res. ; 118 ; 9064–9077
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  7. Brönnimann, S., J. Bhend, J. Franke, S. Flückiger, A. Fischer, R. Bleisch, G. Bodeker, B. Hassler, E. Rozanov and M. Schraner [2013]
    A global historical ozone data set and prominent features of stratospheric variability prior to 1979
    Atmos. Chem. Phys. ; 13 ; 9623-9639 ; EGU
  8. Brugnara, Y., S. Brönnimann, J. Luterbacher and E. Rozanov [2013]
    Influence of the sunspot cycle on the Northern Hemisphere wintertime circulation from long upper-air data sets
    Atmos. Chem. Phys. ; 13 ; 6275-6288 ; EGU
  9. Stenke, A., And Hoyle, V. and Luo, B. and Rozanov, E. and Gröbner, J. and Maag, L. and Brönnimann, S. and Peter T. [2013]
    Climate and chemistry effects of a regional scale nuclear conflict
    Atmos. Chem. Phys. ; 13 ; 9713–9729 ; EGU
  10. Chiacchio, M., Ewen, T., Wild, M., Arabini, E. [2010]
    Climate Shifts in Decadal Variations of Surface Solar Radiation in Alaska
    Journal of Geophysical Research ; 114
  11. Brönnimann, S., A. Stickler, T. Griesser, A.M. Fischer, A. Grant, T. Ewen, Z. Zhou, M. Schraner, E. Rozanov and T. Peter [2009]
    Variability of Large-scale Atmospheric Circulation Indices for the Northern Hemisphere During the Past 100 Years
    Met. Zeitschrift ; 18 (4) ; 379-396
  12. Brönnimann, S., T. Ewen, J. Luterbacher [2009]
    Variability of the global atmospheric circulation during the past 100 years
    Met. Zeitschrift ; 18 (4) ; 365-368
  13. Brönnimann, S., T. Griesser, A. Stickler, T. Ewen, A. N. Grant, A. M. Fischer, M. Schraner, T. Peter, E. Rozanov and T. Ross [2009]
    Exceptional atmospheric circulation during the Dust Bowl
    Geophys. Res. Lett. ; 36
  14. Cagnazzo, C., E. Manzini, N. Calvo, A. Douglass, H. Akiyoshi, S. Bekki, M. Chipperfield, M. Dameris, M. Deushi, A. Fischer, H. Garny, A. Gettelman, M. A. Giorgetta, D. Plummer, E. Rozanov, T. G. Shepherd, K. Shibata, A. Stenke, H. Struthers and W. Tian [2009]
    Northern winter stratospheric temperature and ozone responses to ENSO inferred from an ensemble of Chemistry Climate Models
  15. Grant, A.N., S. Brönnimann, T. Ewen, T. Griesser, A. Stickler [2009]
    The early twentieth century warm period in the European Arctic
    Met. Zeitschrift ; 18 (4) ; 425-432
  16. Grant, A, S. Brönnimann, T. Ewen and A. Nagurny [2009]
    A new look at radiosonde data prior to 1958
    J. Climate ; 22 (12) ; 3232-3247
  17. Heckendorn P., Arfeuille F., Weisenstein D., Broennimann S. and Peter T. [2009]
    Report: SPARC Volcano Workshop Zurich 8-9th July 2009.
    SPARC Newsletter
  18. Kucharski F., A. Scaife, J. Yoo, C. Folland, J. Kinter, J. Knight, D. Fereday, A. Fischer, E. Jin, J. Kröger, N.-C. Lau, T. Nakaegawa, M. Nath, P. Pegion, E. Rozanov, S. Schubert, P. Sporyshev, J. Syktus, A. Voldoire, J. Yoon, N. Zeng and T. Zhou [2009]
    The CLIVAR C20C project: skill of simulating Indian monsoon rainfall on interannual to decadal timescales. Does GHG forcing play a role?
    Climate Dynamics ; 33 ; 615-627 ; Berlin / Heidelberg ; Springer
  19. Schaller, N., T. Griesser, A. M. Fischer, A. Stickler and S. Brönnimann [2009]
    Climate effects of the 1883 Krakatoa eruption: Historical and present perspectives
    Vierteljahrsschrift der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Zürich ; 154 ; 31-40
  20. Staehelin, J., Vogler, C. and S. Brönnimann [2009]
    The long history of ozone measurements: Climatological information derived from long ozone records, in Twenty years of ozone decline C. Zerefos, G. Contopoulos and G. Skalkeas (Eds.)
    Proceedings of the Symposium for the 20th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol ; 119-131 ; 978-90-481-2468-8 ; Springer
  21. Zhou, T., B. Wu, A. Scaife, S. Brönnimann, A. Cherchi, D. Fereday, A. Fischer, C. Folland, K. Jin, J. Kinter, J. Knight, F. Kucharski, S. Kusunoki, N. Lau, L.C., Li, M. Nath, T. Nakaegawa, A. Navarra, P. Pegion, E. Rozanov, S. Schubert, P. Sporyshev, A. Voldoire, X., Wen, J. Yoon and N. Zeng [2009]
    The CLIVAR C20C project: which components of the Asian–Australian monsoon circulation variations are forced and reproducible?
    Climate Dynamics ; 33 ; 1051-1068 ; Berlin / Heidelberg ; Springer
  22. Brönnimann, S., C. Vogler, J. Staehelin,R. Stolarski and G. Hansen [2008]
    Total ozone observations during the past 80 years, in Climate Variability and Extremes during the Past 100 Years Brönnimann, S., Luterbacher, J., Ewen, T., Diaz, H.F., Stolarski, R.S., Neu U. (eds.)
    Advances in Global Change Research ; 33 ; 129-140 ; ISBN: 978-1-4020-6765-5 ; Springer
  23. Brönnimann, S., J. Luterbacher, T. Ewen, H. Diaz, R. Stolarski and U. Neu [2008]
    Climate variability and extremes during the past 100 years
    Advances in Global Change Research ; 33 ; 390pp ; Springer
    bibTex Abstract
  24. Brönnimann, S., T. Ewen, J. Luterbacher, H. Diaz, R. Stolarski, U. Neu [2008]
    A focus on climate during the past 100 years
    Advances in Global Change Research ; 33 ; 390pp
  25. Brönnimann, S., T. Ewen, J. Luterbacher, U. Neu [2008]
    The rising pulse of the atmosphere
    Eos ; 89 (50)
  26. Brönnimann, S., T. Lehmann, T. Griesser, T. Ewen, A. Grant and R. Bleisch [2008]
    Can we reconstruct Arctic sea ice back to 1900 with a hybrid approach?
    Clim. Past Discuss ; 4 ; 955-979
  27. Ewen, T., A. Grant and S. Brönnimann [2008]
    A monthly upper air data set for North America back to 1922 from the Monthly Weather Review
    Mon. Wea. Rev. ; 136 (5) ; 1792-1805
  28. Ewen, T., S. Brönnimann and J. Annis [2008]
    An extended Pacific North American index from upper air historical data back to 1922
    J. Climate ; 21 (6) ; 1295-1308
  29. Fischer, A. M., D. T. Shindell, B. Winter, M. S. Bourqui, G. Faluvegi, E. Rozanov, M. Schraner, and S. Brönnimann [2008]
    Stratospheric winter climate response to ENSO in three chemistry-climate models
    Geophys. Res. Lett. ; 35 (13) ; WASHINGTON ; AMER GEOPHYSICAL UNION
  30. Fischer A., M. Schraner, E. Rozanov, P. Kenzelmann, C. Schnadt Poberaj, D. Brunner, A. Lustenberger, B. P. Luo, G. E. Bodeker, T. Egorova, W. Schmutz, T. Peter, and S. Brönnimann [2008]
    Interannual-to-decadal variability of the stratosphere during the 20th century: ensemble simulations with a chemistry-climate model
    Atmos. Chem. Phys. ; 8 ; 7755-7777 ; KATHLENBURG-LINDAU ; Copernicus Publications
    bibTex Full text
  31. Schraner, M., E. Rozanov.,C. Schnadt Poberaj., P. Kenzelmann, A. Fischer, V. Zubov, B.P. Luo, C. Hoyle, T. Egorova, S. Fueglistaler, S. Brönnimann, W. Schmutz, and T. Peter [2008]
    Technical Note: Chemistry-climate model SOCOL: version 2.0 with improved transport and chemistry/microphysics schemes
    Atmos. Chem. Phys. ; 8 (19) ; 5957-5974 ; KATHLENBURG-LINDAU ; COPERNICUS PUBLICATIONS
  32. Brönnimann, S. [2007]
    Fires and climate linked in nineteenth century
    Nature ; 448 ; 992
  33. Brönnimann, S. [2007]
    The impact of El Niño/Southern Oscillation on European climate
    Reviews of Geophysics ; 45 (RG3003)
  34. Brönnimann, S. and F. Frei [2007]
    Defant’s work on North Atlantic climate variability revisited
    Meteorologische Zeitschrift ; accepted
  35. Brönnimann, S., Annis, J. L., Vogler, C., and Jones P. D. [2007]
    Reconstructing the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation back to the early 1900s
    Geophys. Res. Lett. ; 34 (L22805)
  36. Brönnimann, S., E. Xoplaki, C. Casty, A. Pauling and J. Luterbacher [2007]
    ENSO influence on Europe during the last centuries
    Climate Dynamics ; 28 ; 181-197
  37. Brönnimann, S., Vogler, C., Staehelin, J., Stolarski, R., and Hansen G. [2007]
    Total ozone observations during the past 80 years
    Brönnimann, S., J. Luterbacher, T. Ewen, H. F. Diaz, R. Stolarski, and U. Neu (Eds.) Climate variability and extremes during the past 100 years. Advances in Global Change Research ; accepted ; Springer
  38. Fischer, E. V., L. Ziemba, R. Talbot, J. E. Dibb, R. Griffin, L. Husain and A. Grant [2007]
    The Aerosol Major Ion Record at Mount Washington
    J. Geophys. Res. ; 112 (D02303)
  39. Labitzke, K., Kunze, J., and Brönnimann, S. [2007]
    Sunspots, the QBO and the stratosphere in the North Polar region an update
    Brönnimann, S., J. Luterbacher, T. Ewen, H. F. Diaz, R. Stolarski, and U. Neu (Eds.) Climate variability and extremes during the past 100 years. Advances in Global Change Research ; accepted ; Springer
  40. Schaller, N. [2007]
    Klimaauswirkungen des Krakatau Ausbruchs
    Bachelor thesis
  41. Seidel, T., Grant, A., Pszenny, A., and Allman, D. [2007]
    Dewpoint and humidity measurements and trends at the summit of Mount Washington, New Hampshire, 1935-2004
    J. Climate ; 20 ; 5629-5641
  42. Vogler, C., Brönnimann, S., Staehelin, J., and Griffin, R.E.M. [2007]
    The Dobson total ozone series of Oxford: Re-evaluation and applications
    J. Geophys. Res. ; 112 (D20116)
  43. Brönnimann, S., Ewen, T., Griesser, T., Jenne, R. [2006]
    Multidecadal signal of solar variability in the upper troposphere during the 20th century
    Space Science Reviews ; 125 ; 305-317
  44. Brönnimann, S., J. Annis, W. Dann, T. Ewen, A. N. Grant, T. Griesser, S. Krähenmann and C. Mohr, M. Scherer and C. Vogler [2006]
    A guide for digitising manuscript climate data
    Climate of the Past ; 2 ; 137-144
  45. Colomb, A., Williams, J., Crowley, J., Gros, V., Hofmann, R., Salisbury, G., Klüpfel, T., Kormann, R., Stickler, A., Forster, C., Lelieveld, J. [2006]
    Airborne Measurements of Trace Organic Species in the Upper Troposphere Over Europe: the Impact of Deep Convection
    Environ. Chem. ; 3 (4) ; 244-259
  46. Labitzke, K., Kunze, M., Brönnimann, S. [2006]
    Sunspots, the QBO and the stratosphere in the North Polar region - 20 years later
    Meteorologische Zeitschrift ; 15 ; 355-363
  47. Luterbacher, J. and 43 co-authors [2006]
    Mediterranean climate variability over the last centuries; a review
    Lionello, P., P. Malanotte-Rizzoli, and R. Boscolo (Eds.) The Mediterranean Climate: an overview of the main characteristics and issues. Elsevier, pp. 27-148
  48. Rönnimann, S., M. Schraner, B. Müller, A. Fischer, D. Brunner, E. Rozanov and T. Egorova [2006]
    The 1986-1989 ENSO cycle in a chemical climate model
    Atmos. Chem. Phys. ; 12 (6) ; 4669-4685 ; Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany ; 1680-7316 ; European Geosciences Union
  49. Stickler, A., Fischer, H., Bozem, H., Gurk, C., Schiller, C., Martinez-Harder, M., Kubistin, D., Harder, H., Williams, J., Eerdekens, G., Yassaa, N., Bartenbach, S., Ganzeveld, L., Sander, R., Lelieveld, J. [2006]
    Chemistry, transport and dry deposition of trace gases in the boundary layer over the tropical Atlantic Ocean and the Guyanas during GABRIEL
    Atmos. Chem. Phys. ; 7 ; 3933-3956
  50. Stickler, A., Fischer, H., Williams, J., de Reus, M., Sander, R., Lawrence, M. G., Crowley, J. N., Lelieveld, J. [2006]
    Influence of summertime deep convection on formaldehyde in the middle and upper troposphere over Europe
    J. Geophys. Res. ; 111 (D14308)
  51. Vogler, C., Brönnimann, S., Hansen, G. [2006]
    Re-evaluation of the 1950-1962 total ozone record from Longyearbyen, Svalbard
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ; 6 ; 3913-3943
  52. Brönnimann, S. [2005]
    Pazifik liess Europa frieren
    Spektrum der Wissenschaft ; März 2005 ; 16-22
  53. Brönnimann, S. [2005]
    The global climate anomaly 1940-1942
    Weather ; 60 ; 336-342
  54. Brönnimann, S. [2005]
    Klimaschwankungen in der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts
    Vierteljahrsschrift der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Zürich ; 150 ; 11-17
  55. Brönnimann, S. [2005]
    Interactive comment on Detection and measurement of total ozone from stellar spectra: Paper 2. Historic data from 1935-1942 by R. E. M. Griffin
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions ; 5 ; S4039-S4044
  56. Brönnimann, S. [2005]
    Interactive comment on Detection and measurement of total ozone from stellar spectra: Paper 2. Historic data from 1935-1942 by R. E. M. Griffin
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions ; 5 ; S4045-S4048
  57. Brönnimann, S., G. P. Compo, P. D. Sardeshmukh, R. Jenne and A. Sterin [2005]
    New approaches for extending the 20th century climate record
    Eos ; 67 (1) ; 2-7 ; ISSN 0096-3941 ; American Geophysical Union
  58. Grant, A., Pszenny, A. A. P., and Fischer, E. [2005]
    The 1935-2003 Air Temperature Record from the Summit of Mount Washington, New Hampshire
    J. Climate ; 18 ; 4445-4453
  59. Brönnimann, S. and J. Luterbacher [2004]
    Reconstructing Northern Hemisphere upper level fields during World War II.
    Climate Dynamics ; 22 ; 499-510
  60. Brönnimann, S. and J. Staehelin [2004]
    Total Ozone Prior to the International Geophysical Year (IGY).
    Ozone. Proceedings of the XX Quadrennial Ozone Symposium, 1-8 June 2004, Kos, Greece (Ed. C. Zerefos) ; 1 ; 304-305 ; Athens ; ISBN 960-630-103-6
  61. Brönnimann, S. and L. L. Hood [2004]
    Low total ozone events over northwestern Europe in the 1950s and 1990s.
    Ozone. Proceedings of the XX Quadrennial Ozone Symposium, 1-8 June 2004, Kos, Greece (Ed. C. Zerefos) ; 1 ; 302-303 ; Athens ; ISBN 960-630-103-6
  62. Brönnimann, S., J. Luterbacher, J. Staehelin and T. M. Svendby [2004]
    The Northern Hemisphere total ozone anomaly 1940–1942
    Ozone. Proceedings of the XX Quadrennial Ozone Symposium, 1-8 June 2004, Kos, Greece (Ed. C. Zerefos) ; 2 ; 812-813 ; Athens ; ISBN 960-630-103-6
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    An extreme anomaly in stratospheric ozone over Europe in 1940–1942
    Geophys. Res. Lett. ; 31 ; L08101
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    Proceedings, Stratospheric ozone workshop, Zürich, 16.-17. März 2004 ; 41-42 ; Zürich
  65. Brönnimann, S., Luterbacher, J., Staehelin, J., Svendby, T. M., Hansen G., and T. Svenøe [2004]
    Extreme climate of the global troposphere and stratosphere in 1940-42 related to El Niño.
    Nature ; 431 ; 971-974 ; npg
  66. Fischer, A. M. [2004]
    Sensitivity of the Ozone Production in the Upper Troposphere and the Lowermost Stratosphere based on box modeling
    Diplomarbeit IACETH
  67. Kärcher, B., Hings, S., Stickler, A., Walter, S. [2004]
    Ice clouds in the tropopause region.
    Notes from the 1st French-German summerschool. Ile d’Oléron September 19th-October 1st 2004
  68. Brönnimann, S. [2003]
    A historical upper air data set for the 1939-1944 period.
    Int. J. Climatol. ; 23 ; 769-791
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    Total ozone observations prior to the IGY. II: Data and quality
    Q. J. R. Meteorol. Soc. ; 129 ; 2819-2843
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    Frequency of low-ozone events over north-western Europe in 1952–1963 and 1990–2000
    Geophys. Res. Lett. ; 30 ; 2118
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    The Antarctic ozone hole: 1996-2002
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    The North Atlantic Oscillation: Climatic Significance and Environmental Impacts (Eds. Hurrell, J., Kushnir, Y., Visbeck, M., Ottersen, G.), Geophysical Monograph Series ; 134 ; 37-50 ; American Geophysical Union
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    Picturing climate change
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    Ozon in der Atmosphäre
    unknown ; 183 Seiten ; Bern ; Verlag Paul Haupt
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    Trends in near-surface ozone concentrations in Switzerland: the 1990s
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    Eduard Brückner - The Sources and Consequences of Climate Change and Climate Variability in Historical Times Review of book editted by Nico Stehr and Hans von Storch
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