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The Laseyer rotor - Strong wind gusts in a narrow Alpine valley

In January 2007 a control car of the Appenzeller Bahnen was lifted off the tracks, which is indicative for extreme local wind maxima surpassing 50 m/s. The accident happened in a narrow valley of the Alpstein mountain range, and hence the wind fields are strongly influenced by complex topography. Local people report that these extreme so-called Laseyer winds occur once or several times in most winters and that the wind gusts come up in a quasi-oscillatory manner for several hours.

So far, no theory is able to explain the Laseyer winds. In this thesis, the origin of the strong wind gusts is investigated by means of real-case and idealized numerical simulations. In a first step high-resolution simulations are performed with the CLM weather prediction model. In a second step, the output of the CLM should be coupled to the highest-resolution ARPS model. This latter model offers the option of large eddy simulations (LES) and is also easily adopted for additional experiments, as for instance modifications of the local topography and upstream flow regime.

The work will consist of undertaking and analyzing simulations with the CLM model. An important part will then consist of developing and testing the interface from the CLM to the ARPS. This requires a solid background in computer programming (preferably, Fortran) and numerical weather prediction models. Having implemented the interface, a LES set of experiments can be run and be analyzed.

LeiterIn: Huw Davies, huw.davies [at]
Kontakt: Michael Sprenger michael.sprenger [at]
Projekt: The project involves Fortran programming; programming skills are therefore necessary.
Institut: Institut für Atmosphäre und Klima
Major: Atmosphere and Climate

Additional thesis topics might be available upon personal request, please do not hesitate to contact the group members directly.


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