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  1. Mon 30. Nov. 2015 16:15 : ETH Zentrum, CAB G 11
    Dr. Silvia Kloster : Fire in Earth System Models: Climate Controls and Climate Impacts
    Kolloquium Atmos. & Klima (Kolloquium)
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  2. Mon 07. Dec. 2015 16:15 : ETH Zentrum, CAB G 11
    Dr. Ruud Dirksen : The role of the GCOS Reference Upper-Air Network (GRUAN) in climate research
    Kolloquium Atmos. & Klima (Kolloquium)
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  3. Mon 14. Dec. 2015 16:15 : ETH Zentrum, CAB G 11
    Prof. David W. J. Thompson : Climate variability and change in the Southern Hemisphere atmospheric circulation
    Kolloquium Atmos. & Klima (Kolloquium)
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    bibTex Abstract
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    bibTex Abstract
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    bibTex Full text
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