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Aerosol Size Distribution Measurements and Laser -Transmission Experiments

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  1. Mon 27. Apr. 2015 15:00 : ETH Zentrum, CHN P 12
    Hervé Douville : The recent global-warming hiatus: What does it tell about climate variability and global climate models?
    Special Event (Extraordinary Seminar)
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  2. Mon 27. Apr. 2015 16:15 : ETH Zentrum, CAB G 11
    Prof. Anne-Catherine Favre : Using transient RCM simulations to project precipitation occurrence, intensity and return levels
    Kolloquium Atmos. & Klima (Kolloquium)
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  3. Mon 04. May. 2015 16:15 : ETH Zentrum, CAB G 11
    Dr. Marco Giorgetta : Evaluating the ICON-ECHAM atmospheric general circulation model in AMIP experiments
    Kolloquium Atmos. & Klima (Kolloquium)
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  4. Mon 11. May. 2015 16:15 : ETH Zentrum, CAB G 11
    Prof. Christoph Schär : Kilometer-scale climate change scenarios: Potential, challenges and first results
    Kolloquium Atmos. & Klima (Kolloquium)
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  5. Mon 18. May. 2015 16:15 : ETH Zentrum, CAB G 11
    Dr. Martin Schnaiter : The Nature of Small Ice Particles (<50 µm): Pristine Prisms or Highly Distorted Crystals?
    Kolloquium Atmos. & Klima (Kolloquium)
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Das IAC bloggt auf dem ETH-Klimablog, der Informationsplattform der ETH Zürich zum Klimawandel. Mehr auf

A field experiment to measure aerosol size distributions along with the spectral atmospheric transmission at certain specific wave lengths in the visible and near infrared part of the spectrum is conducted at Zurich airport. The aim is to get an improved knowledge about the nature and variability of aerosol size distributions in the atmospheric boundary layer and its influence on the transmission, together with a better understanding of current deficiencies and sources of errors in aerosol models and radiative codes. Size distributions are measured using an optical particle counter. At the same site temperature and relative humidity measurements are executed. Laser transmission is measured on a horizontal path length of 50 m. Additional data are provided by the meteorological network. Meteorological data are used as an input for the numerical simulation of atmospheric transmission with different radiative codes. The resulting numerical values are compared to the measurements.

Contact: Atsumu Ohmura


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