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Simulations of Global Climate and Climate Change with General Circulation Models

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  1. Mon 02. Mar. 2015 16:15 : ETH Zentrum, CAB G 11
    Dr. Anny Cazenave : Climate change and sea level rise
    Kolloquium Atmos. & Klima (Kolloquium)
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  2. Mon 09. Mar. 2015 16:15 : ETH Zentrum, CAB G 11
    Prof. Thomas Koop : How ice crystals form (or not)
    Kolloquium Atmos. & Klima (Kolloquium)
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  3. Wed 11. Mar. 2015 09:00 : ETH Zentrum, CHN L 17.1
    Dr. Dominik Renggli : From cyclone tracks to the costs of European winter storms: A probabilistic loss assessment model
    Special Event (Extraordinary Seminar) Abstract.pdf
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  4. Mon 16. Mar. 2015 16:15 : ETH Zentrum, CAB G 11
    Prof. Olivia Romppainen-Martius : High-impact weather in Switzerland - climatologies and processes
    Kolloquium Atmos. & Klima (Kolloquium)
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  5. Tue 17. Mar. 2015 09:30 : ETH Zentrum, CHN L 17.1
    Prof. Ben Poulter : Toward an updated global wetland CH4 budget: progress, challenges and data needs
    Special Event (Extraordinary Seminar)
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  6. Mon 23. Mar. 2015 16:15 : ETH Zentrum, CAB G 11
    Prof. Joy Singarayer : Land use, climate change and climate engineering
    Kolloquium Atmos. & Klima (Kolloquium)
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Das IAC bloggt auf dem ETH-Klimablog, der Informationsplattform der ETH Zürich zum Klimawandel. Mehr auf

In a joint project with the Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology (MPI), Hamburg, simulations of the global climate with the atmospheric general circulation model ECHAM are performed at the Swiss center for scientific computing, CSCS, Manno. The simulations are conducted with unprecedented high horizontal resolution at global scales (1.1\dg), a resolution previously restriced to numerical weather prediciton models with short integration periods. The emphasis is on simulations for present-day conditions and climate change scenarios with increased levels of CO2 concentration. The analysis of present climate simulations allows an estimate of the model accuracy and identifies weaknesses in the model parameterizations as guideline for further model improvement. The focus is on the radiation budget, on the surface hydrology and snow characteristics, and on the boundary layer structure. Furthermore the blocking performance of the model is evaluated. High resolution climate change experiments with doubled CO2 concentration are used to study possible changes in the mass balance of the polar ice sheets and associated sea-level rise, and changes in the earth's raditation budgetand in the surface hydrology. Regional changes with focus on the Alpine areas are assessed in the framework of the EU project SIDDACLICH.

Contact: Martin Wild, Andreas Rösch, Raelene Sheppard, Atsumu Ohmura


Max Planck Institut for Meteorology
Hamburg (Drs. E. Roeckner, U. Cubasch. L. Bengtsson)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Boston (Prof. P. Stone)
Center for Climate System Research
Tokyo (Dr. A. Abe-Ouchy, Prof. A. Sumi)
European Centre for Medium-Range Forcasts
Reading ( Dr. J.J. Morcrette)
Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison
Livermore, CA (Dr. G. Potter)
CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research Melbourne
Melbourne (Drs. J. Garratt, B. Cechet)
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
Palisades, New York (Dr. B. Liepert)


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