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  1. Fri 09. Jan. 2015 11:00 : ETH Zentrum, CHN P 12
    Erika Kienast : Mid-latitude cirrus properties derived from LIDAR measurements
    PhD Defense
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  2. Fri 09. Jan. 2015 12:30 : ETH Zentrum, CHN P 12
    Erika Kienast : PhD Apero
    PhD Defense
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  3. Fri 09. Jan. 2015 15:00 : ETH Zentrum, CHN L 17.1
    PD Dr. habil Albert Ansmann : Recent progress in aerosol-cloud-interaction studies (pure liquid and mixed-phase clouds) by means of active remote sensing
    Extraordinary Seminar
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Group meetings take place every odd week in room CHN L17.1 on Wednesdays after lunch at 14:00 h.

Date Time Room Speaker Titel
10.12.2014 14:00   Erika Kienast Mid-latitude cirrus properties derived from LIDAR measurements
12.11.2014 14:00   Andreas Peckhaus Temperature dependent crystallization of levitated NaCl and sea-salt aerosol particles
29.10.2014 14:00   Martina Krämer A Microphysics Guide to Cirrus Clouds
15.10.2014 14:00   Laura Revell What is happening to tropospheric ozone in the 21st century?
01.10.2014 14:00   Fiona Tummon Comparison of merged profile ozone satellite observations (1984-2011): Assessment and implications in terms of ozone recovery
17.09.2014 14:00   Uli Krieger Looking back on our RBS experiments
09.07.2014 14:00   Yinon Rudich Impacts of Environmental Factors on the Health and Biogeochemical Effects of Fungal Spores and Marine Viruses
02.07.2014       Group retreat
11.06.2014 14:00   Frank Keutsch A product based perspective of secondary pollutant production: From the lab to the global scale
28.05.2014 14:00   Beiping Luo to be announced
14.05.2014 14:00   Frank Wienhold The Compact Optical Backscatter AerosoL Detector (COBALD): operation - data analysis - applications
30.04.2014 14:00   Erika Kienast Assessment and modeling of cirrus clouds properties above Jungfraujoch using Lidar data
16.04.2014 14:00   Fabian Schönenberger The quest for new halocarbons in the atmosphere
02.04.2014 14:00   Ancelin Coulon to be announced
05.03.2014 14:00   Lukas Kaufmann Characterization of ice nucleation on different natural dust samples
19.02.2014 14:00   Simone Brunamonti Distribution of black carbon inclusions in aerosol particles undergoing LLPS
05.02.2014 15:00   Jianxiong Sheng PhD exam
22.01.2014 14:00   Jianxiong Sheng Modeling stratospheric aerosols using a coupled aerosol-chemistry-climate model

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