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  1. Wed 25. Nov. 2015 14:00 : ETH Zentrum, CHN L 17.1
    Mehrnoush Mousavi-Fard : to be announced
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  2. Mon 07. Dec. 2015 11:30 : ETH Zentrum, CHN L 17.1
    Andreas Kräuchi : New in-situ upper-air technology and measurements using a return glider radiosonde
    PhD Defense
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  3. Wed 09. Dec. 2015 14:00 : ETH Zentrum, CHN L 17.1
    Aryeh Feinberg : to be announced
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Group meetings take place every odd week in room CHN L17.1 on Wednesdays after lunch at 14:00 h.

Date Time Room Speaker Titel
09.12.2015 14:00   Aryeh Feinberg to be announced
25.11.2015 13:00   Mehrnoush Mousavi-Fard to be announced
16.11.2015 11:00 L17 Jing Dou Quantifying the Modulation Effect of Imidazoleson Reactive Oxygen Species Generation by Quinones and Atmospheric Humic-like Substances
11.11.2015 14:00   Ancelin & whole group web-page update & discussion
28.10.2015 14:00   Claudia Marcolli Thermodynamic modeling of phase partitioning of aerosols in smog chamber experiments using AIOMFAC
14.10.2015 14:00   Astrid Waldner to be announced & confirmed
06.10.2015 16:15 L17 Simone Brunamonti Balloon-borne measurements of aerosols and water vapour at the tropical tropopause layer (TTL)
19.08.2015 14:00   Ulrich Krieger T-fluctuations: balloon borne measurement?
05.08.2015     summer break  
22.07.2015     summer break  
08.07.2015     whole group Retreat in Stels, GR
24.06.2015 14:15   Wilnelia Adams Update on a model of solar irradiance variations for reconstructions back to the Maunder Minimum
10.06.2015 13:00   William Ball Implications of stratospheric ozone observations on solar cycle UV trends
13.05.2015 14:15   Beiping Luo Stratospheric Aerosol record from 1960 to 2011: their radiative and microphysical properties
29.04.2015 14:15   Ulrich Krieger Estimating the atmospheric implications of low water diffusivity in SOA
15.04.2015 14:00   Lukas Kaufmann to be announced
01.04.2015 14:00   Sandra Bastelberger to be announced
18.03.2015 14:00   Ancelin Coulon What are the key drivers of atmospheric methane variability for the period 1980 - 2010
04.03.2015 14:00   Simone Brunamonti LLPS & soot
18.02.2015 14:00   Laura Revell to be announced
04.02.2015 14:00   Pavle Arsenovic Climate and Ozone Layer in the Future: Implications of Grand Solar Minimum
21.01.2015 14:00   Ales Kuchar Solar cycle in the CCM SOCOL hindcast simulations

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