Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science

Group meetings 2009

Date Time Place
Speaker Title
14.01.2009 14:00   Daniel Lienhard Applications of the Mainz-Box-Model
28.01.2009 14:00   Chris Hoyle Modelling heterogeneous and homogeneous Ice Nucleation and Growth at
Cirrus Cloud Levels
04.02.2009 14:00   Merete Bilde CCN Activation of Organic Aerosols: Recent Results from Laboratory
11.02.2009 14:00   Stephan Füglistaler to be announced
25.02.2009 14:00   Andi Zünd Thermodynamic Modeling of Vapor-Liquid-Liquid-Equilibria
11.03.2009 14:00   Johannes Stähelin Atmospheric Ozone in the future ?
25.03.2009 14:00   Uli Krieger Evaporation kinetics of a non-spherical, levitated aerosol particle using optical resonance spectroscopy for precision sizing
08.04.2009 14:00   Patricia Kenzelmann Uncertainties in modelling Mt. Pinatubo eruption with 2-D AER model and CCM SOCOL
22.04.2009 14:00   Martin Brabec Particle Backscatter and Relative Humidity in and around Cirrus Clouds Measured with a Lightweight Balloon Sonde
06.05.2009 14:00   Marco Callisto  
20.05.2009 14:00   Florian Arfeuille Volcanic eruptions impacts on climate: Year without summer 1816 historical case and 20th century study using SOCOL
03.06.2009 14:00   Gabriela Ciobanu to be announced
17.06.2009 14:00   Junbo Cui to be announced
01.07.2009 14:00   Debra Weisenstein to be announced
15.07.2009 14:00   Ana Cirisan to be announced
12.08.2009 14:00   Vacharaporn Soonsin Discontinuous hygroscopic growth of a surfactant/salt aerosol particle: Status of the experiments
09.09.2009 14:00   Yipin Zhou Optimization and application of satellite observations for air quality monitoring in Central Europe
23.09.2009 14:00   Leonhardt Jancso Extreme events in total ozone over the nothern mid-latitudes: A case study based on long-term data sets from 5 ground based stations
28.09.2009 10:00 CHN D44 Andrew Huisman Formaldehyde and glyoxal as tracers of oxidation and aerosol processes in the atmosphere
30.09.2009 14:00   Anna Shapiro Response of the middle atmosphere to the short-term variability of the solar activity: comparison of the different solar irradiance data
07.10.2009 14:00   Shubha Pandey to be announced
21.10.2009 14:00   Thomas Peter Geoengineering - some new aspects
04.11.2009 14:00   Jérôme Léchot Report on Dentener and Crutzen 1993 JGR N2O5 paper
18.11.2009 14:30 CHN G42 Jonathan P. Reid Studying the dynamics of single aerosol particles
26.11.2009 10:00 CHN E42 Yinon Rudich Advances in studying the optical properties of complex aerosols
02.12.2009 14:00   Veronika Zelenay Water uptake in single soot particles- an x-ray microspectroscopy study
16.12.2009 14:00   Christina Schnadt Long-term ozone trends derived from the extended CATO data set and what this has to do with Urmel from Ice and cake for everybody

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