Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science

Group meetings 2010

Date Time Place
Speaker Title
15.12.2010 14:00   Aurélien Gallice Modelling the Ascent of Sounding Balloons: Derivation of the Vertical Air Motion
01.12.2010 14:00   Franz Immler COBALD with DWD campaign
17.11.2010 14:00   Uli Krieger Observations and calculations of two-dimensional angular optical scattering (TAOS) patterns of a single levitated bi-sphere
03.11.2010 14:00   Jing Wang to be announced
20.10.2010 14:00 CHN P12 N.N.  
06.10.2010 14:00   Franziska Aemisegger Stable water isotope measurements in ambient water vapour using cavity
ring-down spectroscopy
22.09.2010 14:00   Michaela Hegglin Ozone in the UTLS - Why do we care?
08.09.2010 14:00   Andi Zuend Modelling RH and Liquid-Liquid Equilibria Effects on Gas/Particle Partitioning of Mixed Organic-Inorganic Aerosols
25.08.2010 14:00   Marco Calisto Influence of energetic particle precipitation on atmospheric chemistry and climate
16.06.2010       Group retreat
19.05.2010 14:00   Florian Arfeuille to be announced
05.05.2010 14:00   N.N.  
21.04.2010 14:00   Frank Wienhold Optical measurements in the Eyjafjallalökull volcano plume over Zurich
07.04.2010 14:00   Julien Anet Using the Community Land Model in Air Pollution Modeling
24.03.2010 14:00   Martin Brabec Life and science in Lauder, NZ
10.03.2010 14:00   Andrea Stenke About the simulation of CH4 in SOCOL and the coupling with a dynamic vegetation model
24.02.2010 14:00   Chris Hoyle, Ines Engel RECONCILE
10.02.2010 14:00   Lisa Pfaffenberger Particle emissions from shipping and their impact on the aerosol of the marine boundary layer
27.01.2010 14:00   Daniel Lienhard Glass formation in aerosols

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