Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science

Group meetings 2011

Date Time Place
Speaker Title
14.12.2011 14:00   Jianxiong Sheng Modelling Studies of Mt. Pinatubo Eruption using the AER 2-D Sulfate Aerosol Model
30.11.2011 14:00   Mijung Song Liquid-liquid phase separation and morphology of internally mixed aerosol particles
16.11.2011 14:00   Jonathan Reid & David Bones 2 short contributions: The morphology and chemistry of a mixed phase aerosol particle & Water uptake on glassy aerosol particles
02.11.2011 14:00   Johannes Staufer Measurements of Ozone at UTLS by Ozonesondes and MOZAIC: A comparison study based on Trajectory Analysis (1994-2009)
19.10.2011 14:00   Manabu Shiraiwa Kinetic modeling and experiments on gas uptake and chemical transformation of organic aerosol
05.10.2011 14:00   Friederike Fröbe The role of interlayer cations in the ice nucleation efficiency of montmorillonite
21.09.2011 14:00   Claudia Marcolli Phases and Phase Transitions of Tropospheric Aerosols.
07.09.2011 14:00   Thomas Peter Role of sulfuric acid, ammonia and galactic cosmic rays in atmospheric aerosol nucleation –

and the response of the press to a new paper by Kirkby et al. (Nature 476, 429-433, 2011)
13.07.2011 14:00   Valeria Pinti The world is not all ATD (Arizona Test Dust)
29.06.2011 14:00   Andy Huisman Measurements and modeling of glyoxal: insights into rural photochemistry and secondary organic aerosol production
15.06.2011       Group retreat
01.06.2011 14:00   Uli Krieger Paper discussion: Murphy et al.: Energy balance of earth (2009)
18.05.2011 14:00   Robert Harley Effects of k(OH+NO2) and Mobile Source Emissions on Atmospheric Chemistry
04.05.2011 14:00   Erika Kienast-Sjögren Calculating an instrument function for our Leosphere Lidar
20.04.2011 14:00   Chris Hoyle Ice nucleation properties of volcanic ash from Eyjafjallajökull
06.04.2011 14:00     EGU Wien
23.03.2011 14:00   Stephanie Aho Trouble at the Tropical Tropopause
09.03.2011 14:00   Ana Cirisan Influence of changed stratospheric aerosol loadings on cirrus cloud
23.02.2011 14:00   Gouri Ganbavale Temperature dependency of activity coefficients in organic aerosols
09.02.2011 14:00   Mike Pitts The 2009-2010 Arctic PSC Season: A CALIPSO Perspective
26.01.2011 14:00   Tom Peter & Beni Zobrist Report on Reconcile
12.01.2011 14:00   Jörg Sintermann Eddy covariance flux measurements of NH3 with eTR-MS: quantifying NH3 emissions following organic fertiliser application

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