Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science

Group meetings 2007

Date Time Place
Speaker Title
17.01.2007 11:00   Martin Brabec
Immersion and contact efflorescence of ammonium sulfate
13.02.2007 11:00   Knut Makowski
Surface solar radiation and daily temperature amplitude
27.02.2007 11:00   Ulrich K. Krieger Using Dynamic Light Scattering to characterize mixed phase single particles levitated in a quasi-electrostatic balance
13.03.2007 10:30
Peter Spichtinger
Discussion of the Crutzen proposal: Injection of sulfur into the stratosphere to compensate gloabal warming
27.03.2007 11:00   Frank Wienhold and Marc Wüest Update on COBALD backscattering probe
10.04.2007 11:00   Daniel Lachat Horizontal Lidar and PM retrieval over Zurich
24.04.2007 11:00   Beni Zobrist Mineral dust as heterogeneous ice nucleus
08.05.2007 11:00   Aldona Wiacek Some Highlights from Ch 2 of IPCC WG1 AR4
22.05.2006 10:00 CHN L17.1 Paul Monks Remote sensing of the troposphere from space: air quality and climate
22.05.2007 11:00   Alessandro Zardini and Ulrich K. Krieger Vapor pressure of solid and aqueous solution ammonium nitrate particle, optical retrieval and kinetic considerations
05.06.07 11:00   Andreas Zünd "Modeling the (Non-Ideal) Thermodynamics of Mixed Organic-Inorganic Aerosols water - alcohol - salt solutions: how to deal with experimental and model related inexactness?"
19.06.07 11:00   Patricia Kenzelmann and Thomas Peter CCMVal (Leeds)
03.07.07 11:00   Beni Zobrist Ice nucleation and glass formation
10.07.2007 14:00 CHN L17.1 Johannes Nielsen Recent observations of solid particles above the tropical cold point tropopause
17.07.07 11:00   Martin Scherer Water vapor in the lower stratosphere: The Boulder Balloon series
14.08.2007 11:00   Julian Gröbner Ozone, Brewer instrument
11.09.2007 11:00   Larry Thomason canceled; instead discussion about next group retreat
09.10.2007 11:00   Thierry Corti Going underground - Droughts and soil subsidence in Europe
23.10.2007 11:00   Marc Wüest Feedback on the climate forum in Thun September 07
20.11.2007 11:00   Barbara Scarnato Temperature and ozone slant path effect in total ozone observations by Brewer and Dobson
04.12.2007 11:00   Ulrich K. Krieger Status of the vapor pressure measurements of effloresced, non-spherical particles in our electrodynamic balance

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