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Chemistry climate model SOCOL

The CCM SOCOL has been developed from a modified version of the MA-ECHAM4 GCM (Middle Atmosphere version of the "European Center/Hamburg Model 4" General Circulation Model) (Manzini and McFarlane, 1998) and a modified version of the UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) atmospheric chemistry-transport model MEZON (Rozanov et al., 1999ab, 2001; Egorova et al., 2001, 2003). SOCOL v1.0 has been validated against a number of observations and is documented by Egorova et al. (2005a). More details with repect to the model can be found here

Several deficiencies have been removed in SOCOLv2.0:

(1) More precise description of ODS (ozone depleting substances)

(2) Improvement of the heterogeneous chemistry module

(3) all considered species are transported

(4) Improvement of mass fixer after semi-Lagrangian transport step

(5) Water vapour removal by the highest ice clouds (100 hPa – CPT)

The comprehensive description and evaluation of the CCM SOCOLv2.0 is presented by Schraner et al. (2008).



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Schraner, M., E. Rozanov, C. Schnadt-Poberaj, P. Kenzelmann, A. Fischer, V. Zubov, B. P. Luo, C. Hoyle, T. Egorova, S. Fueglistaler, S. Brönnimann, W. Schmutz and T. Peter, Chemistry-climate model SOCOL: version 2.0 with improved transport and chemistry/ microphysics schemes, submitted to ACP, February, 2008.


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