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Past colloquia and seminars of the last 5 years.

Date / Time Type Speaker Title
Thu 22.06.17 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Wojciech W. Grabowski (NCAR and University of Warsaw) Convective invigoration: untangling aerosol impacts on moist convection  more info
Mon 19.06.17 10:30 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Jonathan T. Overpeck Continental drying and the megadrought challenge
Mon 12.06.17 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Kevin Walsh Tropical cyclones, climate and climate risk: a modeling perspective  more info
Mon 29.05.17 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Karina von Schuckmann The role of the global ocean in changes of the Earth's climate system
Tue 23.05.17 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Stefan Pfahl Understanding the regional pattern of projected future changes in extreme precipitation
Mon 22.05.17 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Christiane Voigt Emissions, contrails and climate impact from aviation - Mitigation by alternative fuels and new technologies
Tue 16.05.17 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Iselin Medhaug Putting the global warming hiatus to rest
Tue 16.05.17 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Pekka Verronen Middle atmospheric ozone response to energetic particle precipitation from 50-year WACCM simulations: role of medium-energy electrons
Mon 15.05.17 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Stephan Borrmann Physics of clouds - an approach to processes by visualisation
Mon 08.05.17 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Pierre Gentine Continental hydrologic cycle and biosphere-atmosphere interactions in the tropics
Wed 03.05.17 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Jianchun Bian, LAGEO, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Beijing Sounding Water vapor, Ozone, and Particle during the Asian Summer Monsoon (SWOP-ASM)
Wed 19.04.17 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Bart van den Hurk A protocol for assessing land surface impacts on trends in potential and actual forecast skill
Wed 12.04.17 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Ken Caldeira Coral reefs, ocean acidification, and transformation of the global energy system
Mon 10.04.17 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Ulrike Burkhardt Simulating ice clouds and their role in climate change
Mon 03.04.17 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Christoph Baumberger Building Confidence in Climate Model Projections: An Analysis of Inferences from Fit
Mon 27.03.17 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Julien Cattiaux European climate variability in a warming world
Mon 20.03.17 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Hanna Joos Importance of microphysics for extratropical dynamics
Mon 13.03.17 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Corinne Le Quéré The global carbon budget: Insights, impacts and lessons learnt
Fri 10.03.17 14:30 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Spyros Pandis A brief history of atmospheric organic particulate matter research: The first 3000 years
Tue 07.03.17 16:00 Extraordinary Seminar Peter Köhler Carbon cycle-climate interaction on different timescales
Mon 06.03.17 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. William Ball Solar variability and influences on climate
Mon 27.02.17 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Markus Weiler Exploring water fluxes and transit times with stable water isotopes at the soil-vegetation-atmosphere interface
Wed 22.02.17 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Douglas Lowenthal to be announced
Mon 20.02.17 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Gert König-Langlo Climate Research at the Antarctic Station Neumayer
Tue 07.02.17 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. David Thompson A key but overlooked constraint on the large-scale extratropical circulation
Fri 03.02.17 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Kyle C. Armour, University of Washington Simple models of atmospheric heat transport and polar amplification
Wed 01.02.17 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Kyle C. Armour, University of Washington Energy budget constraints on climate sensitivity in light of inconstant climate feedbacks
Mon 23.01.17 10:30 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Ryan Teuling, U. Wageningen, The Netherlands: European forests: water balance partitioning and impact on cloud formation
Thu 12.01.17 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Tim Palmer Decadal variations in the seasonal predictability of the NAO
Mon 09.01.17 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Athanasios Nenes Aerosol acidity: the underappreciated driver of particle formation and its impacts on health, climate and ecosystems  more info
Mon 19.12.16 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Philippe Naveau Attribution of climate records from multi-model simulations: Usual approaches and new frameworks
Thu 15.12.16 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Gwendal Rivière Idealized simulations of sting jets
Mon 05.12.16 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Thomas Stocker Communicating climate science: Making it simple and relevant
Mon 28.11.16 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Alan Thorpe The Quiet Revolution of Numerical Weather Prediction
Wed 23.11.16 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Luke Harrington On the emergence of unusual, unfamiliar and unknown climates
Tue 22.11.16 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Ulrich Blahak (DWD) Lightning potential index and revised cloud radiation coupling: a potpourri of actual topics in the COSMO-model
Mon 21.11.16 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. André Prévôt Organic Aerosols - Source Apportionment and Aging Studies
Thu 17.11.16 10:30 Extraordinary Seminar David Amouroux, CNRS/University of Pau Biogeochemical pathways leading to volatilization of trace elements  more info
Wed 16.11.16 10:45 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Mark Rodwell, ECMWF Seminar / Training Course on "Using ensemble data assimilation diagnostics for predictability studies" (Part 2)
Wed 16.11.16 09:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Mark Rodwell, ECMWF Seminar / Training Course on "Using ensemble data assimilation diagnostics for predictability studies" (Part 1)
Tue 15.11.16 09:15 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Martin Werner Exploiting water isotopes for an improved modelling of past climate changes
Mon 14.11.16 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. David Keith Solar geoengineering: efficacy, risks, and governance  more info
Mon 07.11.16 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Thomas Leisner Noctilucent Clouds in the Laboratory - Ice nucleation and growth under extreme conditions
Mon 31.10.16 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Lukas Gudmundsson Continental freshwater dynamics and climate change
Mon 31.10.16 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Ambrogio Volonté A detailed analysis of the sting jet in cyclone Tini in February 2014
Mon 24.10.16 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Loris Foresti, MeteoSwiss, Locarno Monti Exploring large radar and satellite data archives for improving very short-term precipitation forecasts
Mon 17.10.16 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Pascal Yiou Analogues of circulation to probe and simulate rare climate events
Mon 10.10.16 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Nicolas Gruber The turbulent ocean - on the role of eddies for ocean biogeochemistry
Mon 03.10.16 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Trude Storelvmo Two cases for a higher climate sensitivity
Thu 29.09.16 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr Gabriel Chiodo On the role of stratospheric ozone feedbacks in the climate system  more info
Wed 28.09.16 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Björn Stevens (MPI) Cloud-Circulation Coupling
Fri 16.09.16 14:30 Extraordinary Seminar Victor Brovkin Large-scale biogeophysical interactions between climate and vegetation cover  more info
Wed 14.09.16 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Jean-François Lamarque Methane and short‐lived climate forcers: forcing and feedbacks
Mon 05.09.16 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Carole Dalin Global unsustainable groundwater for food production and trade
Fri 26.08.16 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar Wolfgang Wagner On the quality of long-term satellite-based soil moisture climate data records
Wed 24.08.16 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Michael Reeder The dynamics of monsoon variability
Mon 22.08.16 13:00 Extraordinary Seminar Kyle Pressel (D-ERD) Introducing PyCLES: A New Atmospheric Large Eddy Simulation Code
Tue 05.07.16 16:00 Extraordinary Seminar Maurice Skelton, ETH Zürich Differences in how Climate Scientists Provide Society with Information: Cross-country Analysis of the most recent Swiss, British and Dutch National Climate Scenarios
Mon 04.07.16 16:15 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Philippe Ciais Observed regional carbon budgets imply reduced soil heterotrophic respiration.  more info
Tue 21.06.16 09:30 Extraordinary Seminar Jonah Bloch-Johnson Feedback temperature-dependence and the risk of extreme global warming  more info
Thu 16.06.16 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Joao Teixeira Clouds and Climate: The Subtropical Cloud Transition
Wed 08.06.16 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Harald Kunstmann Tracking Atmospheric Water Pathways by Regional Evaporation Tagging
Tue 31.05.16 10:15 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Dr. Jos Lelieveld The atmospheric oxidation capacity and global methane  more info
Mon 30.05.16 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Inês Azevedo Understanding health, environmental and climate trade-offs and co-benefits in climate change mitigation strategies for the power sector and transportation
Tue 24.05.16 10:30 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Steven Cavallo Global inuences from polar-born processes: Tropopause-based vortices over the Arctic
Mon 23.05.16 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Georgia Destouni Water, land-use and climate change interactions in the landscape
Wed 18.05.16 11:15 Extraordinary Seminar Frank Keutsch Stratospheric solar geoengineering without ozone loss?  more info
Tue 10.05.16 13:30 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Dr. Alexey Karpechko Understanding future changes in northern hemisphere stratospheric circulation and their coupling to surface climate changes  more info
Mon 09.05.16 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Fortunat Joos Global biogeochemical cycles: from allowable carbon emissions to climate feedbacks
Wed 04.05.16 09:00 Kolloquium Thomas Peter 'Ozone Research - Quo Vadis?' A 1-day colloquium to honour Prof. Dr. Johannes Staehelin  more info
Wed 04.05.16 08:15 Kolloquium Registration with coffee and gipfeli 'Ozone Research - Quo Vadis?' A 1-day colloquium to honour Prof. Dr. Johannes Staehelin  more info
Mon 02.05.16 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Peter Knippertz The Challenge of Modeling the Meteorology of Dust Emission: Lessons Learned from the Desert Storms Project
Fri 29.04.16 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Angie Pendergrass (NCAR) Changes in precipitation with warming
Mon 25.04.16 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Martina Krämer Observations of Arctic, Mid-Latitude and Tropical Mixed Phase Clouds
Fri 15.04.16 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Roy Rasmussen (UCAR, USA) High Resolution Climate Modeling over the Continental U.S. using the Pseudo Global Warming Approach
Thu 14.04.16 10:15 Extraordinary Seminar Ed Dlugokencky What have we learned from three decades of high-­quality atmospheric CH4 measurements?
Mon 11.04.16 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Christoph Frei Mapping the climate of precipitation extremes in Switzerland using the 'doctrine of chances'
Tue 05.04.16 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Valerio Lucarini Statistical Mechanical Ideas for Climate Science
Mon 04.04.16 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Camille Li Disentangling Arctic-midlatitude linkages
Mon 21.03.16 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Hinrich Grothe Searching for the perfect ice nucleus
Wed 16.03.16 16:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Adam Sobel Modeling Extreme Precipitation Events in a Single Column
Tue 15.03.16 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Douglas Nychka Extremes in Regional Climate: What to do with 8000 Histograms?
Tue 15.03.16 10:15 Extraordinary Seminar Prabir Patra Importance of constraining tropospheric OH for CH4 inverse modelling and regional sources
Mon 07.03.16 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Piers Forster Estimating future warming from the observed Earth's energy budget
Wed 02.03.16 11:15 Extraordinary Seminar Michael Byrne Dynamical and moisture constraints linking temperature and relative humidity over land
Mon 29.02.16 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Loris Foresti CANCELLED
Wed 24.02.16 15:15 Extraordinary Seminar Flavio Lehner, NCAR Diagnosing high and low temperature events with a dynamical adjustment technique
Mon 22.02.16 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Jens Reichardt Mixed-phase and ice cloud microphysical properties measured with the spectroscopic water Raman lidar RAMSES  more info
Thu 18.02.16 10:15 Extraordinary Seminar Barbara Scarnato How aging processes affect chemico-physical and optical properties of aerosol containing black carbon
Tue 09.02.16 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Dr. Peter Verburg Local land use change and global models of land use - climate interactions?
Tue 09.02.16 10:30 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. André Berger From the astronomical theory of paleoclimates to global warming  more info
Fri 29.01.16 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Graeme Stephens The symmetric nature of Earth's energy balance and water cycle  more info
Thu 21.01.16 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Annica Ekman Arctic climate response to European aerosol emission changes between 1980 and 2005
Tue 12.01.16 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Tim Palmer Decadal variations in the seasonal predictability of the NA
Mon 14.12.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. David W. J. Thompson Climate variability and change in the Southern Hemisphere atmospheric circulation
Mon 07.12.15 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Ruud Dirksen The role of the GCOS Reference Upper-Air Network (GRUAN) in climate research  more info
Mon 07.12.15 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Philippe Peylin (LSCE) Recent developments of the ORCHIDEE global land surface model and the use of atmospheric COS concentration measurements to constrain modeled Gross Primary Production
Mon 30.11.15 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Silvia Kloster Fire in Earth System Models: Climate Controls and Climate Impacts
Tue 24.11.15 10:15 Extraordinary Seminar Grégoire Broquet Potential of in situ and satellite observations for estimating greenhouse gas fluxes at city and national scale
Mon 23.11.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Jeff McDonnell The two water worlds hypothesis: A grand challenge for ecohydrology
Mon 16.11.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Heini Wernli Arctic summertime sea ice melting: the role of midlatitude cyclones and polar anticyclones
Mon 09.11.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Alan Plumb Southern Hemisphere climate trends: Annular modes, principal oscillations, and the fluctuation-dissipation theorem
Mon 02.11.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Johannes Staehelin 175 years of Ozone research in Switzerland: Achievements and open questions
Mon 26.10.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Stefan Kollet The role of groundwater in coupled land/atmosphere simulations: physical concepts, technical implementation, and scientific applications
Mon 12.10.15 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Andreas Dörnbrack Deep vertical propagation of internal gravity waves above Scandinavia and New Zealand
Mon 05.10.15 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Nils Wedi The modeling infrastructure and strategy at ECMWF: Recent advances & future challenges
Mon 05.10.15 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Manos Flaounas Some recent works on the Mediterranean cyclone dynamics and impacts on regional climate
Mon 28.09.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Stefan Brönnimann Weather reconstruction: Tambora and the Year Without a Summer of 1816
Mon 21.09.15 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Michael Riemer On the apparent predictability of Rossby wave packets
Mon 07.09.15 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Christina McCluskey Identifying links between sea spray ice nucleating particles and oceanic biological activity
Thu 20.08.15 16:00 Extraordinary Seminar Suzana J. Camargo (Columbia University) Recent Results on Hurricanes and Climate  more info
Thu 20.08.15 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Georg von Unold 3rd Generation Lysimeter - laboratory precision in field conditions
Wed 12.08.15 09:15 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Dr. Lenny Winkel, EAWAG New insights into the global selenium cycle
Wed 17.06.15 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. A.J. Pitmann The ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science: now and in the future
Tue 16.06.15 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Dr. Gertrude Hirsch Hadorn Values and their Functions in Assessing Simulations
Thu 11.06.15 15:15 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Michael L. Roderick Will increasing CO2 increase global aridity?
Wed 27.05.15 10:15 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Douglas Maraun (GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum, Kiel) Challenges in Regional Climate Change Research
Wed 27.05.15 09:00 Extraordinary Seminar Anja Costa Mid-latitude Cirrus Clouds: In-situ Observations in Comparison with CLaMS-Ice modelling and ECMWF analysis data
Mon 18.05.15 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Martin Schnaiter The Nature of Small Ice Particles (<50 µm): Pristine Prisms or Highly Distorted Crystals?
Mon 11.05.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Christoph Schär Kilometer-scale climate change scenarios: Potential, challenges and first results
Mon 04.05.15 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Marco Giorgetta Evaluating the ICON-ECHAM atmospheric general circulation model in AMIP experiments
Mon 27.04.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Anne-Catherine Favre Using transient RCM simulations to project precipitation occurrence, intensity and return levels
Mon 27.04.15 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar Hervé Douville The recent global-warming hiatus: What does it tell about climate variability and global climate models?
Fri 24.04.15 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Bart van den Hurk Between the mazes of climate scenarios
Tue 21.04.15 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Heike Langenberg, Nature Geoscience How to get published in Nature Geoscience
Mon 20.04.15 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Paul Field Mixed-phase clouds - theory to application
Mon 20.04.15 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Pardeep Pall (Berkeley Lab) Diagnosing possible human influences on heavy Colorado rainfall in September 2013
Thu 02.04.15 15:15 Extraordinary Seminar Alan Robock Nuclear Famine: The Threat to Humanity from Nuclear Weapons
Mon 30.03.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Hayley Fowler Understanding climate change impacts in the Karakoram Himalaya
Tue 24.03.15 09:45 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. James Rae Deglacial CO2 release from the deep ocean
Mon 23.03.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Joy Singarayer Land use, climate change and climate engineering
Wed 18.03.15 16:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Tiffany Shaw, University of Chicago Tug of war on the summertime circulation response to global warming
Tue 17.03.15 09:30 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Ben Poulter Toward an updated global wetland CH4 budget: progress, challenges and data needs
Mon 16.03.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Olivia Romppainen-Martius High-impact weather in Switzerland - climatologies and processes
Wed 11.03.15 09:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Dominik Renggli From cyclone tracks to the costs of European winter storms: A probabilistic loss assessment model  more info
Mon 09.03.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Thomas Koop How ice crystals form (or not)
Mon 02.03.15 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Anny Cazenave Climate change and sea level rise
Mon 23.02.15 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Jonathan Gregory New adjustments to old ideas about the climate response to radiative forcing
Mon 16.02.15 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Marc von Hobe Direct stratospheric injection or uplift by the Asian Monsoon? Tracing the Nabro 2011 eruption plume using trajectory ensembles and satellite data  more info
Mon 16.02.15 10:30 Extraordinary Seminar Paolo Cristofanelli Atmospheric composition variability at two high mountain observatories in Italy and Nepal
Mon 19.01.15 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Mikhail Paramonov Aerosol activation and hygroscopic properties from the CCNc measurements around the world
Wed 14.01.15 13:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Georg Mayr CANCELED (because of sickness)  more info
Fri 09.01.15 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar PD Dr. habil Albert Ansmann Recent progress in aerosol-cloud-interaction studies (pure liquid and mixed-phase clouds) by means of active remote sensing
Mon 15.12.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Stephan Pfahl The relevance of cyclones and moisture supply for midlatitude precipitation extremes
Wed 10.12.14 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Elizabeth Kendon The changing character of rainfall in a convection-permitting climate model
Mon 08.12.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Albert Klein Tank Extremes in a changing climate; recent progress of the WCRP/WMO expert team on climate change detection and indices ETCCDI
Mon 01.12.14 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Daniel J. Cziczo Understanding the dominant sources and mechanisms of cirrus cloud formation through in situ measurements
Tue 25.11.14 15:10 Extraordinary Seminar Jana Sillmann, CICERO, Norway Beyond the mean - temperature extremes during the recent warming hiatus
Tue 25.11.14 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Martin Jucker Modeling an idealized atmosphere: Linking large scale dynamics and radiation in simplified models
Mon 24.11.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Berko Sierau Ice nucleation and particle chemical composition - insights from aerosol mass spectrometry
Mon 24.11.14 09:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr Zoltan Toth A unified framework for the statistical post-processing of NWP output
Mon 17.11.14 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Daniel Knopf Heterogeneous Processes of Atmospheric Particles: Ice Nucleation and OH Oxidation Kinetics
Mon 17.11.14 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Anand Kumar Development and Field Evaluation of a High Volume PM2.5 Impactor Assembly
Mon 17.11.14 13:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Uli Blahak (DWD) Towards Improved Cloud Radiation Coupling for COSMO
Mon 10.11.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Ryan R. Neely III Stratospheric Aerosols and Climate Variability: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly  more info
Mon 03.11.14 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Andreas Vieli The role of ocean terminating glaciers and ice sheets in a changing climate
Mon 27.10.14 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Pier Siebesma What do we know about low cloud feedbacks?
Mon 20.10.14 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Thomas Jung Arctic influence on mid-latitude weather and climate
Mon 13.10.14 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Martine Rebetez Observed impact of temperature increase on the altitude of snowfall in the Swiss Alps
Fri 10.10.14 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Eric F. Wood Towards a global drought monitoring, forecasting and projection capability
Mon 29.09.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Filippo Giorgi Consistent hydroclimatic response to global warming: Models and observations
Mon 22.09.14 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Anthony Patt Weather-dependent intermittency of concentrated solar power, and whether it matters
Fri 12.09.14 11:30 Extraordinary Seminar Idar Barstad Modelling high precipitation intensities in orographic precipitation
Thu 11.09.14 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Dave Thompson Periodic behavior in the extratropical atmosphere
Tue 09.09.14 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Anne Schindler On the internal variability of simulated precipitation
Mon 11.08.14 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar Gabriele Hegerl Towards attribution changes in the watercycle and climate extremes
Mon 14.07.14 16:15 Extraordinary Seminar Han Dolman (University Amsterdam) Human management, nutrients and water: what are the key controls on the biospheric sources and sinks of CO2 and CH4?
Wed 09.07.14 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Ruth Lorenz Land-atmosphere coupling strength in a global climate model (ACCESS) and its effect on impacts from land cover change experiments in Amazonia
Wed 09.07.14 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Yinon Rudich Impacts of Environmental Factors on the Health and Biogeochemical Effects of Fungal Spores and Marine Viruses
Tue 17.06.14 10:30 Extraordinary Seminar Steffen Tietsche (Univ. of Reading) Initial value predictions of Arctic sea ice
Fri 13.06.14 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Florian Pappenberger Forecast skill horizon of multiple hazards: floods, droughts, fire and health
Wed 11.06.14 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Frank Keutsch A product based perspective of secondary pollutant production: From the lab to the global scale  more info
Mon 26.05.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Edouard Davin Biogeophysical effects of land use changes and land management
Mon 19.05.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Pascal Peduzzi Planetary boundaries: Presenting evidences and trends
Mon 12.05.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Albert Ansmann Lidar/radar profiling of aerosol-cloud interaction in water and mixed-phase clouds
Mon 12.05.14 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Brigitte Müller Attributing drying in mid-latitudinal land areas to human influence
Wed 07.05.14 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Mike Roderick Climate Change and the Water Cycle - The Big Picture
Mon 05.05.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Yi Ming Understanding global and regional climate change: theory and modeling at GFDL
Mon 05.05.14 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Markus Donat Temperature and precipitation extremes over the past century in a global perspective
Thu 24.04.14 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Emre Toprak Real Time Detection of Primary Biological Aerosol Particles (PBAP) in the context of atmospheric ice formation  more info
Mon 14.04.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Sandrine Bony Robust and non-robust responses of tropical clouds, circulation and precipitation to increased CO2
Fri 11.04.14 13:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Martin Stengel The generation of satellite-based cloud property datasets for climate research research  more info
Thu 10.04.14 10:30 Extraordinary Seminar Apostolos Voulgarakis Steps towards understanding tropospheric oxidant and methane variability
Mon 07.04.14 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Michael Lehning Snow - Atmosphere Interactions in Mountains
Mon 31.03.14 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Joaquim Pinto European Windstorms: bridging weather, climate and impact perspectives
Fri 28.03.14 13:15 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Arnico Panday Building up atmospheric research in the Himalaya
Thu 27.03.14 15:15 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Joan Alexander Tropical wave effects in the tropopause layer
Mon 24.03.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Sven Kotlarski Regional Climate Modeling on European Scales: Recent Developments and Applications
Mon 17.03.14 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Jason Cordeira The Role of Water Vapor Transport in Weather and Climate
Wed 12.03.14 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Zoe Lüthi Air Pollution in Beijing and on the Tibetan Plateau
Mon 10.03.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Ed Hawkins Climate variability, predictability and prediction
Tue 04.03.14 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Rasmus Raecke Atmospheric Spectroscopy of Trace Gases and Water Vapor in the Tropical Tropopause Layer from the NASA Global Hawk
Mon 03.03.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Jean-Paul Vernier Upper Tropospheric and stratospheric aerosol observations by the CALIPSO space-borne lidar  more info
Mon 03.03.14 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Fuqing Zhang Predictability and data assimilation of severe weather and tropical cyclones  more info
Mon 24.02.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Roland Hohmann From sound science to down-to-earth policy: How climate scenarios feed into Switzerland's adaptation strategy
Mon 17.02.14 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Thomas Frölicher New insights into irreversible climate change
Thu 06.02.14 16:15 Extraordinary Seminar Renato Spahni Transient simulations of the carbon and nitrogen dynamics in northern peatlands
Thu 06.02.14 16:15 Extraordinary Seminar Renato Spahni Transient simulations of the carbon and nitrogen dynamics in northern peatlands
Thu 30.01.14 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar Chris Taylor Soil moisture influence on weather in observations and models
Tue 28.01.14 11:30 Extraordinary Seminar Dan Cziczo Clarifying the dominant sources and mechanisms of cirrus cloud formation
Mon 27.01.14 13:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Will Sawyer Multi-node OpenACC Implementation of the ICON Non-hydrostatic Dynamics Core  more info
Thu 23.01.14 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Julien Savre Ice nucleation parameterization based on Classical Nucleation Theory and sensitivities to model parameters
Thu 23.01.14 13:30 Extraordinary Seminar Claudia Tebaldi, NCAR Comparing climate scenarios: How different is too different? How different is different enough?
Wed 08.01.14 10:15 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Daniel Rosenfeld A satellite view of aerosol impacts on clouds and precipitation from marine Stratocumulus to hurricanes
Mon 16.12.13 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Erich Fischer Projections of extremes: A plethora of uncertainties or more robust than widely recognised?
Mon 09.12.13 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Sandrine Bony Robust and non-robust responses of tropical clouds, circulation and precipitation to increased CO2  more info
Tue 03.12.13 16:30 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Christoph Gerbig Intensive and extensive airborne observations to tighten the atmospheric constraint on greenhouse gas fluxes
Mon 02.12.13 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Wendy Parker What does model agreement really tell us?
Mon 25.11.13 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Graham Feingold Self-organized patterns and resilience in the aerosol-cloud-precipitation system  more info
Mon 18.11.13 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Rowan Sutton What can we say about the climate of the next few decades?
Mon 11.11.13 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Jan Pettersson How do ice particles form and grow? A molecular perspective on ice in the atmosphere
Mon 11.11.13 13:15 Extraordinary Seminar Eigil Kaas, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen Tropical Cyclones in a warmer climate  more info
Wed 06.11.13 13:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Günter Blöschl Increasing river floods - fiction or reality?  more info
Mon 04.11.13 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Jonathan P. Reid Studying Aerosol Processes, One Particle at a Time
Mon 28.10.13 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Alexis Berne Remote sensing of precipitation in mountains
Mon 21.10.13 16:15 Kolloquium Prof. Tapio Schneider Constraining and understanding cloud feedbacks through hierarchical physical modeling  more info
Mon 14.10.13 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Margit Schwikowski High-alpine glaciers as frozen archive of past climatic and environmental conditions
Mon 07.10.13 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Holger Vömel Reference observations of upper air climate variables: The path to climate trends in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere  more info
Mon 30.09.13 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Claudia Marcolli Which aerosol types and properties lead to ice nucleation in the atmosphere?
Mon 23.09.13 16:15 Kolloquium Dr. Harald Sodemann The atmospheric water cycle: Linking evaporation, synoptics and paleoclimate
Thu 19.09.13 15:30 Extraordinary Seminar Francis Pope Measuring the viscosity of atmospheric aerosol using fluorescent lifetime imaging
Tue 10.09.13 13:30 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Chris Allen Ground-based observations of dust emission and transport in the Saharan summer dust maximum region
Wed 28.08.13 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Stefan Hagemann Impact of the soil hydrology scheme on soil moisture memory
Tue 06.08.13 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Paulo Ceppi Connections between clouds, the ITCZ, and the Southern Hemispheric midlatitude jet
Mon 29.07.13 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar David Topping, University of Manchester Cloud droplet number enhanced by co-condensation of organic vapours
Mon 15.07.13 10:30 Extraordinary Seminar Lisa Alexander Climate extremes: an analysis of uncertainties in observations and models  more info
Mon 08.07.13 10:30 Extraordinary Seminar Xuebin Zhang Anthropogenic influence in total and extreme precipitation  more info
Fri 05.07.13 11:15 Extraordinary Seminar Robert Dunn (Met Office Hadley Centre) HadISD and HadEX2 - new datasets for studying extremes
Wed 03.07.13 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Ana Casanueva Does increased RCM resolution lead to a better representation of mean and heavy precipitation?
Mon 24.06.13 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Rainer Volkamer & the TORERO team Surface ocean impacts on the chemistry of the upper atmosphere: results from the TORERO project
Thu 06.06.13 15:30 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Andrew Gettelman Climate Impacts of Clouds and Humidity in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere
Thu 30.05.13 10:15 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Slobodan Nickovic Modelling of atmospheric dust and ice nucleation
Mon 13.05.13 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Irina Rudeva Great Arctic Cyclone of August 2012 and September Sea Ice Minimum
Wed 08.05.13 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Erik Schaffernicht Evidence for an exceptional slowdown in Atlantic Ocean overturning around 1970
Mon 06.05.13 13:00 Extraordinary Seminar Konrad Bogner (ECMWF) Probabilistic ood forecasting with the European Flood Awareness System (EFAS) using weather forecasts from the ECMWF  more info
Thu 18.04.13 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Sarah Perkins On the Measurement of Heat waves
Tue 09.04.13 14:30 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Barbara Casati The Canadian regional climate model projections of temperature extremes  more info
Thu 04.04.13 16:15 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Fabio Luiz Teixeira Gonçalves Bacterial ice nuclei effects on frequency and intensity of lightning activity and cloud radiative properties inferred by the BRAMS model
Wed 03.04.13 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar Wouter Peters An atmospheric perspective on carbon exchange at global to regional scales from carbon dioxide and isotopes
Wed 27.03.13 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr Heather Archambault Dynamics and Predictability of a Predecessor Rain Event Associated with Recurving Tropical Cyclone Roke (2011)
Tue 26.03.13 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Myles Allen Cumulative carbon and its policy implications
Tue 12.02.13 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Ralph Kahn, Senior Research Scientist, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Aerosol Remote Sensing from Space - Where We Stand, Where We Are Heading  more info
Wed 19.12.12 15:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Suzanne Gray Diabatic influences on extratropical cyclones
Wed 12.12.12 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Dr. Silvio Davolio Experiences in numerical forecasting of heavy convective precipitation episodes over Liguria
Wed 14.11.12 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar Christian Hauck Soil moisture measurements and modelling in low and high mountain regions
Mon 12.11.12 13:00 Extraordinary Seminar Peter Mani Extremes and Variability - A Climate Change Challenge in Natural Hazards Assessment
Thu 11.10.12 14:30 Special Seminar Christian Gutknecht, Coordination Open Access, UZH Library Open Access publications: Possibilities and rights
Mon 01.10.12 09:45 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Veli-Matti Kerminen, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, Finland CCN formation associated with atmospheric aerosol formation
Mon 27.08.12 11:30 Extraordinary Seminar Alex Baker Towards forward modelling oxygen isotope records in stalagmites
Mon 06.08.12 10:30 Seminar Sebastian Wolf Response of ecosystem carbon and water dynamics to spring drought in Switzerland
Thu 02.08.12 14:00 Extraordinary Seminar Paul Kushner (University of Toronto) Atmospheric Stationary Wave Influence on Extratropical Zonal Mean Variability
Tue 10.07.12 16:30 Extraordinary Seminar Sergey Khaykin 1. First results from the Tro-Pico balloon campaign: water vapour and aerosol in the UT/LS 2. Impact of land convection on the thermal structure of the tropical lower stratosphere inferred from COSMIC GPS radio occultations
Mon 02.07.12 11:00 Extraordinary Seminar Prof. Hugh Coe, University of Manchester Atmospheric aerosol processes: insights from field observations
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