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List of IAC events of the upcoming 100 days. Please click on the date to download iCalendar link.
Please note: Students are welcome to attend group meetings. Externals please check with speaker or group leaders. Everyone is very welcome to attend our Colloquia & Seminars.

Date / Time Type Room Speaker Title
Fri 30.06.17 10:00 PhD Defense CHN P 12 Olga Henneberg Orographic mixed-phase clouds in the Swiss Alps - Occurrence, Persistence and Sensitivity
Thu 06.07.17 11:30 Extraordinary Seminar CHN L 17.1 Munehiko Yamaguchi (MRI/JMA) Recent progress and challenges in tropical cyclone analysis and forecast
Fri 07.07.17 10:15 Infokafi CHN L 17.1 Leitung: Hanna Joos Info-Kafi with Gipfeli, bring your own coffee
Thu 13.07.17 14:00 PhD Defense CHN L 17.1 Remo Beerli Sources of sub-seasonal predictability for energy industry-relevant weather events
Fri 14.07.17 09:00 Extraordinary Seminar CHN P 12 Prof. Andrew Charlton-Perez Stratosphere-Troposphere coupling: A Regime View
Tue 18.07.17 13:30 PhD Defense CHN P 12 Dominik Büeler Potential vorticity diagnostics to quantify effects of latent heating in extratropical cyclones: methodology and application to idealized climate change simulations
Wed 19.07.17 11:30 Extraordinary Seminar CHN L 17.1 Remo Beerli and Christian Grams Stratospheric and tropospheric influences on wind electricity generation in Europe
Mon 07.08.17 15:00 Groupmeeting
CHN L 17.1 Eszter Judit Barthazy Meier ScopeM - An introduction to transition electron microscopy
Tue 15.08.17 15:00 Groupmeeting
CHN L 17.1 Robert David to be announced
Fri 18.08.17 10:00 Extraordinary Seminar CHN L 17.1 Andrew MacDougall Understanding the regional pattern of projected future changes in extreme precipitation
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