Fischer, Erich Markus, Dr.

Dr.  Erich Markus Fischer

Dr. Erich Markus Fischer

Institut für Atmosphäre und Klima 

CHN  N 16.2 

Universitätstrasse 16

8092 Zürich


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Research interests

  • Climate and weather extremes (Mechanisms, observations, attribution and projection)
  • Heavy rainfall events under climate change
  • Heatwaves and heat stress impacts on human health
  • Climate projections and quantification of uncertainties
  • European climate response to volcanic eruptions

Key publications

  • Medhaug, I., M. Stolpe, E. M. Fischer, R. Knutti (2017), Reconciling controversies about the ‘global warming hiatus’, Nature545 (7652), 41-47 [PDF]
  • Pfahl, S., P. O'Gorman, E. M. Fischer (2017), Understanding the regional pattern of projected future changes in extreme precipitation, Nature Climate Change, 7, (6), 423-427 [PDF] [Supplementary]
  • Fischer, E. M., and R. Knutti (2016), Observed heavy precipitation increase confirms theory and early models, Nature Climate Change, 6, 986-991 [PDF][Supplementary]
  • Fischer, E. M., and R. Knutti (2015), Anthropogenic contribution to global occurrence of heavy-precipitation and high-temperature extremes, Nature Climate Change, 5 (6), 560 [PDF][Supplementary]
  • Fischer, E. M., U. Beyerle, and R. Knutti (2013), Robust spatially aggregated projections of climate extremes, Nature Climate Change, 3 (12), 1033-1038 [PDF]
  • Fischer, E. M., and R. Knutti (2013), Robust projections of combined humidity and temperature extremes, Nature Climate Change, 3 (2), 126-130 [PDF]
  • Fischer, E. M., and C. Schär (2010), Consistent geographical patterns of changes in high-impact European heatwaves, Nature Geoscience, 3 (6), 398-403. [PDF]
  • Barriopedro, D., E. M. Fischer, J. Luterbacher, R. Trigo, and R. Garcia-Herrera (2011), The Hot Summer of 2010: Redrawing the Temperature Record Map of Europe, Science, 332 (6026), 220-224. [PDF]

Other journal publications

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  • Schleussner, C.F., Pfleiderer, P. and E. M. Fischer (2017), In the observational record half a degree matters, Nature Climate Change7 [PDF] 
  • Dahinden, F., Fischer, E.M., Knutti, R., (2017). Future local climate unlike currently observed anywhere. Environmental Research Letters, 12, ​​doi:10.1088/1748-9326/aa75d7.
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  • Kröner, N., S. Kotlarski, E. M. Fischer, D. Lüthi, E. Zubler, and C. Schär (2016), Separating climate change signals into thermodynamic, lapse-rate and circulation effects: theory and application to the European summer climate, Climate Dynamics, doi:10.1007/s00382-016-3276-3
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