Ohmura, Atsumu, Prof. Dr.

Prof. Dr. Atsumu Ohmura

Institut für Atmosphäre und Klima 

CHN  M 12.2 

Universitätstrasse 16

8092 Zürich


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Curriculum Vitae

Atsumu Ohmura was Full Professor of Physical Geography at the ETH Zurich, starting in 1983. He retired end of March 2007.

Born in Masago-cho, Hongo-ku, Tokyo, in 1942. Educated at the Faculty of Science,

University of Tokyo (B.Sc. 1965), at the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research of McGill University, Montreal (M.Sc. 1969) and at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich (Dr.sc.nat.), Ohmura was a climatologist with special interest in the energy budget at the earth's surface. Both experimental and theoretical approaches were taken. For the field experiments, he was engaged in the works in the Canadian High Arctic, Baffin Bay, Greenland, the Alps, Tian-Shan and Caribbean Sea. In theoretical area, the contributions were made in atmospheric radiation, atmospheric boundary layer and the radiation transfer in snow and ice. He was engaged in climate model development and the relationship between the global climate and entropy change in the planet.

He was elected fellow of the Arctic Institute of North America in 1988 and a recipient of the 1991 Horiuchi Prize of the Japan Meteorological Society.

1998 Nomination to be am member of the Academia Europaea,

2001 ISPS Award of Japan Society for Promotion of Science,

2005 President, International Glaciological Society,

2006 Society Special Contribution Prize, Geographical Society of Japan,

2007 Norbert Gerbier-Mumm International Award of the World
Meteorological Organization (WMO).

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