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This page has moved to http://www.toolcase.org/mailtool. Further developments will happen there and no longer here.


Converter VCard <-> LDIF


I wrote this tool to convert the address book of Evolution (which uses VCard) in a suitable format for Thunderbird (which uses LDIF). This two formats are not identically and also do not store the same things in the same way. Therefore this tool has to make some simplifications, assumptions and suggestions.

how to use this tool

  1. Export your items to a file in VCard or LDIF format.
  2. Enter this filename in the field below.
  3. Click the convert button to start the convertion.
  4. Save the result on your computer into a new file.
  5. Start your program and import the new file.

The tool will detect the content by its syntax and not by the file extension. The content of the file will be converted to the other syntax.

Source file

Add non comparable fields to field notes


Outlook can only import one contact per VCard-file. A workaround ist to use Windows Contact inbetween. See here for more deatils.


VCard is a standard format for exchanging addresses between different software and hardware. Syntax definition: VCard 2.1


LDIF (Lightweight Directory Interchange Format) is a ASCII-format for exchange of small data amount, as addresses are.