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Icy conditions - meteorological station in Hofsjoekull, Iceland. (Photo: Thomas Spengler)

Field measurements and laboratory experiments are carried out to study a wide variety of physical and chemical processes.

Atmospheric Chemistry Group

Prof. Thomas Peter

The group is involved in laboratory experiments on the microphysics, thermodynamics, chemical and radiative properties of aerosols and on the formation mechanisms of clouds - and field measurements of aerosol and cloud optical properties, ozone, NOx, CO and VOCs, especially focussing on the boundary layer and the tropopause region, including the investigation of long-term trends.
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Atmospheric Physics Group

Prof. Ulrike Lohmann

In order to understand which aerosol particles act as cloud condensation and ice nuclei, laboratory studies of aerosol properties and ice nucleation are carried out. They are augmented by field programmes, which emphasize aerosol-cloud interactions.
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Land-Climate Dynamics Group

Prof. Sonia Seneviratne

The group is maintaining the Rietholzbach hydrological research station. Moreover, it is conducting a Switzerland-wide soil moisture measurement campaign in collaboration with other institutions.
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Atmospheric Dynamics Group

Prof. Heini Wernli

The group performs long term in-situ measurements of water vapour isotopes on land and in the marine boundary layer using research aircrafts. A micro rain radar on the roof of our building helps to interpret isotopic composition of selected rain events. Furthermore, the group is involved in high-altitude aircraft measurement campaigns to investigate extratropical cyclones and the large-scale flow at tropopause height.
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