Analysis of Climate and Weather Data

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Course number 701-1253-00L
Time & Location Thursday 15.15-17.00 (CHN E42)
Lecturer C. Frei
Tutor Mathias Hauser, IAC ETH Zurich

Course objectives

  • Introduce state-of-the-art statistical techniques of data
    analysis in modern climate sciences,
  • Empower to conduct own data analysis and to interpret
    results in the scientific literature,
  • Excerzise the application and interpretation in hands-on exercises.

Credit Points & Examination

Oral examination after the end of the semester (30 minutes). 3 ECTS credits.

Course schedule

8 two-hour lectures & 5 computer workshops.

Course notes (slides) are provided in electronic form on this site.

Date Theme
17.09.15 1) Introduction, Basics & Exploratory Methods
24.09.15 2) Hypothesis Testing
01.10.15 Workshop: Introduction to R (Documents below)
08.10.15 3) Trend Analysis
15.10.15 Workshop: Exploratory Methods & Trend Analysis (Documents below)
22.10.15 4) Extreme Value Analysis
29.10.15 Workshop: Extreme Value Analysis (Documents below)
05.11.15 No Lecture
12.11.15 5) Forecast Evaluation and Skill Scores (Part 1)
19.11.15 5) Forecast Evaluation and Skill Scores (Part 2)
26.11.15 Workshop: Forecast Evaluation and Skill Scores (Documents below)
03.12.15 6) Principal Component Analysis
10.12.15 6) Maximum Covariance Analysis
17.12.15 Workshop: PCA & MCA (Documents below)


Date Workshop Exercise Sheets:
01.10.2015 Workshop 0: Introduction to R demoR.R / R-Intro
15.10.2015 Workshop 1: Exploratory Methods & Trend Analysis ex1.R
29.10.2015 Workshop 2 : Extreme Value Analysis ex2.R
26.11.2015 Workshop 3: Forecast Evaluation and Skill Scores ex3.R
17.12.2015 Workshop 4 : PCA & MCA ex4.R

Workshop Program and Files

Computer workshops are based on the software "R environment for statistical computing and graphics" - short "R". R is platform independent and is freely available from the R-project web-site.

An introduction to R for beginners will be given in a specific Workshop (01.10.2015). A detailed introduction is available from the R-project web-site.

For the time of the workshops a “fleet” of Macintosh Laptop Computers (Mac OS) will be available. Students are however encouraged to bring along their own portable computers (if available). We recommend you install R on your computer before the first workshop. The installation of the add-on packages needed for the ACWD workshops (see below) will also be explained during the workshop on 09.10.2014.

Additional Packages

Additional software and datasets are needed for the workshops. They are provided as additional packages (adding functionality to the R standard installation). To make your R installation ready for the workshops follow these steps:

  1. Install the packages fitdistrplus, maps, mapproj, mapdata from the R-website via the "Package Installer" command in R. These are contributed packages generally available from the R-website.
  2. Download the packages below (without unzipping) from the present website (using your browser). Store them on your disk, and finally install them into R using the "Package Installer - Local Source Package" command in your R. (The order of installation should be as the packs are listed.)

Packages for Linux and Mac

Packages for Windows

Additional material

References to publications cited in the lecture notes. The document will be updated in the course of the semester.

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