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Research Groups

Atmospheric Chemistry Prof. Thomas Peter
Atmospheric Dynamics Prof. Heini Wernli
Atmospheric Physics Prof. Ulrike Lohmann
Climate and Water Cycle Prof. Christoph Schär
Climate Physics Prof. Reto Knutti
Land-Climate Dynamics Prof. Sonia I. Seneviratne



Werkstattgespräch: Von der Feldmessung zur globalen Forschung

Forschung findet im Kleinen wie im Grossen statt - das macht auch die Klimaforscherin Sonia Seneviratne. Sie nimmt uns mit ins diplomatische Genf und misst auf der grünen Wiese, was Satelliten auch vom Weltraum aus beobachten. Und sie ist besorgt über die aktuellen wissenschaftspolitischen Entwicklungen in den USA. Read more 


IAC member Wim Thiery on Forbes 30 under 30 Europe's list

Congratulations to Wim Thiery, who is part of the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe class of 2017! Wim is a member of the Land-climate dynamics group and has been appointed in early January as assistant professor at the VUB university in Brussels. Read more 

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Upcoming Colloquia & Seminars organized by the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science:

20 February 2017, Kolloquium

Climate Research at the Antarctic Station Neumayer

Read more 

27 February 2017, Kolloquium

Exploring water fluxes and transit times with stable water isotopes at the soil-vegetation-atmosphere interface

Read more 

6 March 2017, Kolloquium

Solar variability and influences on climate

Read more 

13 March 2017, Kolloquium

The global carbon budget: Insights, impacts and lessons learnt

Read more 

20 March 2017, Kolloquium

Importance of microphysics for extratropical dynamics

Read more 

See complete list of Colloquia & Seminars including information about speakers and abstracts (if avaialbe).

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